Dominican Republic Golf Open Results

Posted on Wed 27 January 2016 in misc

Jesús Amaya wins the 1st Dominican Republic Golf Open. Local Dominican player Julio Santos finishes in 8th place.

The first Dominican Republic Golf Open was held over the weekend 9th – 14th Nov 2010 amidst the unsurpassed scenic beauty of the challenging courses of Corales and La Cana located on the east side of the island in Punta Cana, under the organization of the Federación Dominicana de Golf (Fedogolf) and with the support of sponsors such as the Ministry of Tourism, Group Viamar, Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana, Orange-Alcatel Dominican, Refrescos Nacionales, Brugal & Co., Nivea, Whisky Buchanan, Golf Destinaire, Induveca, Golf Digest, Tobacos Rubirosa, El Caribe, DEI RD, BDO, Gestion Informatica, SIGNS and American Airlines.

The winners awards ceremony was headed by managers of the Federación Dominicana de Golf (Fedogolf) John Cohen and Carlos Elmúdesi, president and vice president respectively. The celebrations took place by the pool area of La Cana’s club house.

The Colombian Jesus Amaya, with an overall total of 206 strokes, was crowned champion and topped the list of the 44 professionals who participated. Aside from the winners cup he received the sum of US$17,500 for 1st place.

Amaya was constantly pressured by his compatriot Alejandro Velasquez who came 2nd with 208 just 2 strokes behind Amaya. On the last day these two rivals presented a card of 71 strokes, one under par for the course. Argentina’s Paulo Pinto came third with 211.

The Canadian Billy Houle, with a total of 212 strokes placed in 4th position, while local Dominican player Julio Santos with an excellent final round of 70 strokes (-2) and a total of 214 strokes, ranked in 8th place with the next best of the national players Juan Carlos Perelló finishing in 28th position.

The event was attended by 104 foreign players, including 7 of the top ranked on the continent, and more than 40 Dominicans players.

Results: Amateurs (Stableford System) In category “A” Mens under 49 years old (0-8 hcp) The first place gross went to Lino Guerrero with a result of 230 strokes, while Hiram Silfa had the best gross overall under the points system (Stableford) with 103 points. The best net was for Gianfranco Regazzoni with 120 points. For the stroke play Marcel Olivares won first place with a total of 227 strokes, followed by Paul Rodriguez (229) and Francisco Galán (235).

In category “B” Mens under 49 years old (9-18 hcp) Tommny Terrero won first place gross with 81 points. First place net in this division went to Freddy Sierra with 112 followed by Diogenes Castillo (110) and Vincent Bouyer (107).

In category “C” Mens under 49 years old (19-29 hcp) Pepén Rommel won first place gross with a total of 64 points. Mark Campora finished as the best net of that division with 103, followed by Sebastian Pradet (99) and Fraqueliz Caraballo (91).

In category “D” Mens under 49 years old (28-36 hcp) The best gross score went to Byron Biscoe Jr. with 45 points. Thierry Mark had the best net with 110, Alejandro Jovine was placed second with 99 and Miguel Fernandez, third with 60.

In Senior “A” category (0-12 hcp) Manuel Ovalle had the best gross score of the Senior “A” category with a total of 86 points. Mohammed Neville won first place net with 99, followed by José Luis Placeres (85) and Antonio Crescente (84).

In Senior “B” category (13-23 hcp) Paul Guerrino led the first gross Senior “B” with 65 points. Cary Chow was the first net position with 101, followed by Gerard Lopez (96) and Leonidas Ubiera (92).

In Senior “C” category (24-36 hcp) The first gross was Andres Geraldo with 53 points. Emilio Villegas took the net with 101, followed by Frank Herrera (91) and Dominique Lavau (89).

Super-senior category Gino Beretta won first place gross Supersenior with a total of 85 points. Michael Kyle finished with the best net in that category with 114, Paul Guarino was second with 105 and Michael Poirier, third with 103.

Ladies The best gross score of the division went to Margarita Makovec with a total of 84 points. Frandia Marte took the net with 112, followed by Corinne Lopez (103) and Blandine Vanoverschelde (95).