Punta Espada Hole by Hole

Posted on Wed 27 January 2016 in misc

Hole 1 | Par 4

The tees are located on top of a rise and this downhill par 4 plays a bit of a dogleg left to a small green.  There is a bunker to the right side of the landing area and a large waste bunker lies astride the left side of the fairway.  This will necessitate a carry over a part of the waste bunker and favor the left side of the fairway in order to have the best angle to the green.  The approach to the green is guarded on the left by a waste bunker and the green has a small front right bunker and an elevated bunker on the back left.

Hole 2 | Par 5

The longest hole at 611 yards this dogleg right is also probably the toughest.  The tee complex is at a high point affording great views of a large lake that empties into the sea.  To par here you will need to make three well-placed shots to reach the green.  The tee shot landing area features two bunkers on the right and a single pot bunker on the left.  Premium is placed on the second shot with a right side beach bunker and a slightly crowned fairway at the second landing area.  The green is protected with water to the front and rear.

Hole 3 | Par 4

You will tee off along the shoreline and this 403 yard dogleg right plays straight into the wind.  There is a rock and sand hazard  along the right side but a fairly wide landing area.  A tee shot on the right side will offer a good approach to the green but the entire right side of the fairway is bound by the ocean.  The green also sits along the ocean with a   a bunker on the left side and a small waste bunker located on the front right approach.

Hole 4 | Par 3

The first par 3 is beautiful but can be distracting with waves splashing behind you and in front of the green.  It plays a short 190 yards from the back tees making club selection paramount since the wind will be at your back.  The shallow green is positioned sideways and you will be penalized for a long shot over the green, but come up short and you’re into the drink.

Hole 5 | Par 4

A long, dogleg left par 4 that plays downwind will force the player to pick an angle of attack.   To the right of the landing area there are two fairway bunkers and a small bunker stategically placed at the landing area that causes the fairway on the right side to narrow.  While there is room to play safe on the left side, you will  have a harder shot to the green.  A well-placed shot hit on the right side fairway will allow the player to go for the flag.  A large waste bunker extends along the left side approach to the green.

Hole 6 | Par 5

The first of three holes located on top of a 20-30 foot bluff, this dogleg left par 5 will be memorable.  A large landing area allows all players to go long and strong.  The fairway bends around a large vertical rock sinkhole.  A waste bunker wraps around this sinkhole inviting the long hitters to play down the left side of the fairway and carry the natural features or play it safe down the right side and around the natural features.  The green is guarded by three bunkers.

Hole 7 | Par3

The easiest of the par 3′s at Punta Espada, but a front right pin makes this shot as tricky as you will encounter on par 3.  The green has a punchbowl shape and you will want to let the contours of the green work the ball from left to right to any pins along the right edge in order to avoid the large collection area that starts in the fairway and runs along the whole right side of the green.

Hole 8 | Par 4

This is the  shortest par 4 on the golf course at 336 yards from the back tees.  On this hole the wind will force careful club selection.  The large sandy waste area that runs along the entire hole and extends into the fairway narrowing the landing area will cause those playing it safe to favor the left side of the fairway which will set up a tough approach shot over a greenside bunker.  The best way to get to the green is to hit your drive over the sandy waste area into the right side of the fairway where you may be able to drive to the green if the wind is helpful.

Hole 9 | Par 4

All of the tees are placed on the top of a bluff affording a spectacular 360 degree view of the golf course and the turquoise sea.  This dogleg left with a downhill tee shot will play longer than its yardage shows due to the wind.  A series of three bunkers of different sizes begin short of the landing area and extend halfway to the green.  It will be difficult to get up and down if a shot is hit into any of these bunkers.  Position “A” off of the tee is protected by  large waste bunker along the left side of the fairway that starts at the landing area and goes up to the left side of the green.

Hole 10 | Par4

On this dogleg right 432 yard hole the player will find accuracy more important than distance.  A large waste bunker that starts at the back tee and extends along the entire right side surrounding a lake and the green complex will cause problems for any wayward shot.  There are three bunkers  located below the right side of the fairway.  The island green which slopes back to front is small and is entirely surrounded by sand.  To minimize the distance of the second shot and increase the chances of sticking on the green, golfers should favor the right side of the fairway and hit it long.

Hole 11 | Par 4

This par 4 hole is long at 497 yards but will play shorter if the wind is behind your back.  The uphill tee shot plays into three fairway bunkers which join the landing area.  Long hitters will be rewarded if they carry these bunkers and hit the speed slot on the back side.  A large bunker extending to the bottom of the bluff sets up the right side of the hole and runs to the landing area with a small bunker to the right of the landing area.  A tee shot that reaches the plateau makes a medium iron into the green possible.

Hole 12 | Par 5

This par 5 golf hole will need three good shots but depending upon the strength and direction of the wind it may be reachable in two.  Three bunkers of different sizes protect the left side of the fairway where the golfer can cut off some of the distance on this hole.  To play it safe aim at the fairway bunker on the right, but of you don’t carry the collection area short right of the approach you will have a tough second shot.  Two bunkers on the right and a large waste bunker on the left protect the green and will force the player to decide on whether to go for the green in two or lay back and place their second shot for a short chip into the green.

Hole 13 | Par 3

This gorgeous oceanside par 3 is Punta Espada’s Signature Hole and you’ll definitely want to take out the camera on this hole.  Since there is a carry over the ocean, the golfer must judge the wind and select the right club.  The player can go for the green or play to the right of the green to a small chipping area.  The large green surface is contoured to the ocean which extends along the entire left side of the hole.    There are two grassy hollows directly behind the green to scoop up any shots that might run through.

Hole 14 | Par 4

A narrow fairway at the landing area featuring three bunkers on the right side demands an accurate tee shot to avoid a penalty.  A deep swale on the left runs almost to the green and will make a difficult approach shot from the rough.  The right to left green is protected by a deep bunker on the left and if you’re shot is short, a slightly crowned approach could kick your shot into the swale on the left or right.

Holw 15 | Par 5

A par 5 measuring 562 yards with a slight dogleg right.  On the right, there is a large sinkhole that sets up the lake which begins just short of the landing area and fronts the green.  The tee shot is framed by the large waste bunker to the left side of the landing area.  The player may try to go for the flag in two or set up for a comfortable third shot in to the green although this is still not easy.  About 50 yards out there are two bunkers in the fairway that set up an elevated green.  The green is well protected with water on the right and two bunkers left,  so the player will need a well-placed chip shot.

Hole 16 | Par 3

This par 3 is a challenge for all players because of water, sand and crosswinds.  The best shot here is to draw the ball into the wind.  Those playing a fade may find the elaborate bunker complex to the right of the green.  The lone bunker in the fairway sets up a high and low approach.  A large bunker on the left and behind protects the heavily contoured green.

Hole 17 | Par 4

A fairly short par 4 into the wind makes for a very intimidating tee shot.  The back tees are set on the edge of the ocean demanding the player to carry over a bay and up the coastline to the green.  The more ocean carried, the shorter and better the angle of the second shot will be to the green.  The small, elevated green features water on the right and backsides with a small bunker left which protects the front portion of the green.  The green is pitched out the front, left side and back making for some interesting pin placements.

Hole 18 | Par 4

This long par 4 with the wind in your face requires a well-placed tee shot.  The tees are next to the ocean with a large sandy waste bunker on the right separating the hole from the sea.  Two bunkers on the left and the waste bunker on the right set up a wide landing area from which the left side is favored for the best angle into the green.  The second shot needs a long to mid iron depending on the skill to reach the elevated green which is perched on a peninsula nearly surrounded by water.  The green is protected by a small approach bunker on the left and a greenside bunker on the right.Other Hole by Hole Descriptions:Keith Fergus Hole by Hole Cap Cana Hole by Hole